This project is quiet a challenging renovation of spaces that are in chaos. Most efforts went in straightening out angular walls from the 60 year old built. Opening up the walls unleashed great potentials for the house making every single requirement of the client possible. 


The lounge in its original position is augmented by opening up the internal wall separating from the stairway and foyer.  

The quality of space in improved by accommodating few different functions in the larger space derived, allowing the stairs to become an  aesthetic element. 

Open plan area 

The pocket created by the limitations of building rules is transformed into a beautiful family space oriented in a different direction from the other functions making room for a  virtual boundary

The kitchen and dining space is laid out adjacent to each other to organise the circulation within the open plan. The colour palette and materials used are very sensitive to the ambience created.  


Every possible drop of natural light is captured by double glazed glass openings. Glass paned french windows and roof light in the kitchen compliments each other creating a rather bright lit space 


Storage solutions in the kitchen and laundry room is designed to accommodate large  


The project is located in Finchampstead in Wokingham borough, rated as one of the most desirable places to live in the UK. The proposed design