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Finchampstead Residence

The project is located in Finchampstead in Wokingham borough, rated as one of the most desirable places to live in the UK. The proposed house is 4000 sqft with a beutiful drive way and a large rear garden

STAIR 1.jpg

The renovation and extension of a 4 bedroom house into 7 bedroom house with a large open space was also the conversion of a dream house into reality. Natural lighting and connection to nature have been integrated throughout the build with roof lights, perforated walls, featured fixed glass windows, bifold doors, etc. The lounge is the best example for amplified natural lighting in otherwise a very poorly lit room due to the party wall.


The entrance space was divided into smaller spaces to give it a definition and creating a virtual frame to define the perspectives from either side.

Open plan area 

The open plan area pans out into different functional spaces with invisible boundaries. The kitchen’s formal and informal dining areas and family living space fits seamlessly into the open plan but suits different functions. The informal dining space is designed to take on the double role of a workspace during a rather busy day yet it can be a cozy space for family at other times.

The blend of copper and white in the kitchen is done purposefully to create a flawless ambiance. The utility door is brought forward to line up with the kitchen cabinets making it seem part of one big unit. As you walk in, the space has a completely different vibe to it.  

MASTER BED 1.Denoiser.jpg


The jack and jill toilet connecting the children's bedrooms in two different corner of the house would be an amazing sharing experience for them as they grow up together. 

BEDROOM2 01.Denoiser.jpg

The master bedroom takes advantage of extra height from the pitched roof to increase its grandeur. Every bedroom is equipped with a walk-in wardrobe. Additionally, a large a utily cupboard is placed in the hallway.  

The open well stairs and bifold door enhances the natural light from the roof light above lighting up entire hallway which is otherwise a dark room with no windows due to its internal position.


The cloak room and the family bath are modern version of traditional luxury that enhances the user experience

utility 2.Denoiser.Denoiser.jpg
COMMON TOILET 4.Denoiser.jpg
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