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Amidst the bustling city centre, a juxtaposition at the heart of the city is where “Tessal” is positioned. A flagship store in London, catering to the Arab apparel needs, both traditional and clothing material. The brand encompasses 45 stores around the globe. However the brand is expressed in a completely different make over but still selling the Arabs favourites and carrying on the legacy.  



Visual merchandising

To bring out the point of convergence, the mezzanine area, creates a visual boundary, by maintaining a clear path and minimal design. The view from the entrance door is to accentuate the display area in the mezzanine floor which serves as a platform for visual merchandising, additionally integrating customer interaction to enhance the shopping experience


illusional depth

Large, full height mirror used in the design is not only a pivotal element catering to the facilities but is also elemental in creating an optical illusion and improving the spatial experience. Traditional elements like the windows are retained preserve the heritage of the site


Retail space


There is a primary focus on the maximum utility of the retail space to display products. The display racks are zoned into categories to call attention on a various range of products.


Spatial characteristics

This space is dynamic in nature, with respect to the theme that changes according to the season and with respect to the functionality of the space utilization by the user.I n retrospection to the sheer elegance and characteristics of an Arab store, the client’s needs have been addressed by integrating cultural & traditional spirit by careful choice of materials and functionality.

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