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Z studio will offer innovative indoor hydroponic urban farming systems that are custom designed to enrich the client's ecosystem. We will design, manufacture and install, urban farming systems that blends into the space like other interior elements. These services will utilise the infrastructural facilities used by the bespoke joinery services described above.


Urban farming is the art of growing vegetation in city spaces, modifying the ecosystems of homes and businesses, affecting ambience, and growing food indoors. The sustainable practice has grown in popularity over the last 10 to 15 years. Internally integrated vegetation can dramatically enhance indoor air quality and provide access to fresh organic produce.

We specialise in providing unique design solutions that incorporate vegetation into accessible spaces - green walls, green balconies, green partitions, green facades, and green roofing – as well as suspended planter units. The indoor farms will be supported by modern hydroponics systems - a method of growing plants without soil by employing mineral fertiliser solutions in a water solvent.




The following are the Company's urban agriculture services: 


·Initial Consultation and Site Survey

·Design with environmental and geographical constraints in mind.

·Plant List and Planting Plan

·Prepare, Source and Plant

·Maintenance on a periodic basis


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