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The key to a successful architectural design lies in its details

The bespoke joinery designed to suit your form and function is there fore an important aspect. In order  to fulfil our designs we are now manufacturing and installing your custom made units to elite perfection   


We offer joinery services covering commercial (offices, retail & offices) to residential. The company will oversee design, materials sourcing, manufacture and installation process to deliver every project to the client’s exacting specifications. Working with some of the most prolific contractors,


Our showroom offer a comprehensive selection of kitchen, bathroom, living room, and wardrobe solutions. It will offer an infinite variety of styles and finishes, buoyed by a brand with 60 years of experience as a kitchen manufacturer. Our professional team of kitchen specialists will be available to listen to clients’ suggestions and make recommendations. We will leverage its design expertise to bring customer concepts to life collaborating all the way through to the final finishing.


In order to enhance our design execution, we are introducing bespoke joinery services that will focus on fixed furniture like wardrobes, cabinets, worktops, and other interior elements made of wood. We will design, manufacture and install custom made units to elite perfection.


Joinery is a broad term that refers to a variety of fine woodwork. The term derives from the activity of physically putting pieces of wood together using a variety of procedures, which often include cutting exact notches in the wood to ensure proper fit, followed by pressurised and heated moulding and finally finishing.


To accentuate the character of a space its important to accessorise it with the right furnishing which can start from made to measure joinery, designed and built to fit the space perfectly in material and colours.


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