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The renovation of semi detached house in Hayes was mainly remodel the existing spaces into more productive and welcoming. With minimal structural interventions the character of the house was molded into completely different one 



The everyday essentials are weaved into each space to accommodate more than one function to overcome the limitations of space

LOFT 1.jpg

The bedroom and study co exists and yet in a defined space without real boundaries. This room is also designed to turn into a home theatre within the limitations of space 

Comprehensive spaces

The most relevant part of this project was blending colours and materials enough to create a balance yet a difference 

Colour palette 

The dining space plays multiple role of family activity room and accommodates various interests of the inmates making it the heart of the house

Dining / Family Living 

The internal and external kitchen islands behave like the reflection of each other with a bi-fold door acts like a line of seperation between them. It also opens out possibility of turning the small kitchen space into a large workspace.  

Kitchen reflections 

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